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Around February 2021, some notable Indonesian influencers started to post screenshots of GINSOO Motel Reservation. Additionally, some influencers posted a picture of themselves holding a card with number 33 written on it. The card looks like some type of a card hotel.

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This phenomenon sparks Instagram users’ curiosity for the corresponding brand. Additionally, there are people who commented, “What’s in room 33?” and tagged three of their friends. A few weeks later, Ginsoo revealed themselves as a local bag brand and their first product offerings are labelled as ‘The Motel Collection’ which is why some influencers are hinting room 33 reservations. Gitta Amelia (co-founder of Ginsoo) revealed on one of her webinars that she does not want to directly reveal her product offerings (bags).


throwback to our Motel Campaign! who missed this? #ginsoo #ginsoomotel

♬ original sound – Ginsoo – Ginsoo

The marketing strategy that Ginsoo deployed was very unique since the hints were about motels, who would have guessed that ‘the motel’ elements would be for one of their bags’ themes. 

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