TikTok New Dark Mode Feature | SevenAds

In 2019 Instagram released a dark mode feature. Almost every application has started following the feature. This was also welcomed by its users. Not only Instagram, but TikTok also began to rival Instagram. It is known that TikTok is the most downloaded application on the App Store and ranks first on the Google Play Store.

TikTok Head of Marketing Diem Hoang said that Indonesia is the 6th largest internet users in the world. TikTok is able to make your phone as a mobile studio, besides TikTok application is also easy to use. This application does not only presents special effects that are very interesting and user-friendly, but TikTok also releases the “Dark Mode” feature.

This dark mode option will also follow your device’s settings when dark mode is activated or you will be able to manually switch to dark mode according to your application’s settings.

This dark mode option also has benefits to reduce the impact of exposure to blue light, some cases will make your brain stop producing melatonin, and disrupt your sleep cycle. It’s really dangerous if you don’t get enough sleep, because it will affect your health.

So in addition to giving a new look, dark mode actually also has important health goals.

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