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The rise of social media marketing has caused some people to think that email marketing is no longer relevant. Some people deemed that email marketing is an out-of-date form of digital marketing. Additionally, the majority of people think that the growing users of social media would hinder the effectiveness of email marketing. However, it is important to know that social media and email is strongly related as most social media requires an email for their account creation. 

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As a matter of fact, researches have proved that an average person can check his or her email from three to fifteen times per day. In addition, studies have shown that email users are expected to grow to three billions users. This is why marketers continue to deploy email marketing until this day. However, this does not mean that we should ignore other marketing strategies. 

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Email marketing is just one of the many components of digital marketing where brands promote their company offerings through the medium of an email. Meanwhile, social media marketing is great for inducing brand awareness and enhancing customer relationships. In addition, social media would be the most suitable platform for content marketing. As for increasing a brand’s credibility, influencer marketing can do it.

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