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Instagram and Facebook applications, of course, we often heard, but have you ever heard of Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads?

Instagram Ads is a paid visual platform from Instagram to help reach a wider and more targeted audience. You only need pictures and videos to attract the audience’s attention

Facebook Ads is a platform to advertise Fan Pages that have previously been created by Facebook users. Facebook Ads allows users to create personal pages, send messages, and add friends.

The purpose of advertising on social media is to help brands to advertise their products and also to improve online marketing. Business affairs really depend on the times, especially on the issue of advertising and influencers. Often business beginners are confused by what strategies are suitable for marketing their products.

Facebook has a larger user base (2.07 billion monthly active users as of September 30, 2017, vs 800 million Instagram), but Instagram has been gaining popularity because Instagram has released features like Instagram Story that make users want to try.

First, you need to know your target market, in which social media tend to be more active to be used. After you find out, you need to use Instagram Ads or Facebook Ads to conduct ad campaigns. To identify the best social media platforms for your business, look at these 3 objectives: 

  1. Reach
  2. Engagement
  3. Demographics

Here are the main objectives of Instagram and Facebook

  1. Reach 

Instagram has 800 million active users every month, Instagram is a good bet for business and brand promotions. Instagram also has good quality because it releases new features such as follow hashtags and will appear on your homepage and show posts that your friends like.

Facebook has 2.07 billion active users every month. Facebook itself is also the number one media platform, if you want to increase brand visibility without targeting a specific audience Facebook is the right choice. Facebook has many options available to create new visitors that you can see in the “Audience” section of creating a collection of ads on Facebook Manager:

  • Location: You can target by country, worldwide, region or availability on the App Store (iTunes)
  • Age: You can target ads in the age range.
  • Gender: You can target ads to men, women, or both. 
  • Languages: You can target ads based on users of certain languages.
  • Detailed Targeting: select audiences based on demographics, interests, and behavior.
  • Connections: Include or exclude from your audience based on connections to your pages, applications, and events.
  1. Engagement

According to Instagram why Instagram Engagement is higher because 80% of users follow at least one business on Instagram. In March 2017 more than 120 million Instagram users visited a website, contacting businesses.

Engagement from Facebook has now undergone several significant changes because Facebook has the opportunity of targeting ads. Your ad can

Be very specific about the type of involvement you are looking for.

  1.  Demographics 

Research by Pew Research found that more female users (31%) than men (24%) use Instagram every day. The study also said Instagram was more popular for ages between 18 and 29 years. This proves Instagram is more attractive for an adult audience.

Pew Research also researches Facebook, according to Pew Research Facebook attracts adult users of all ages. Just like Instagram, Facebook has more female users (77%) than men (60%). 79% of internet users between 30 and 49 use Facebook

Facebook is most popular among people aged 18-29 years. This proves Facebook is more attractive to an audience of all ages.

With you know the goals on both platforms, now you can determine which is suitable for you to advertise your product.

Even without an Instagram account, you can still run your ads on Instagram. As said Facebook Ads Manager will help you manage your Facebook and Instagram ads


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