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Influencer Marketing is a marketing strategy that is carried out with influencers. An influencer is someone who has a strong influence and has a lot of followers, such as celebrities, public figures, and YouTubers.

The influencer marketing strategy is currently being widely used by business people to promote their business. Based on a survey from MuseFind, 92% of consumers trust influencers rather than advertising or endorsement of traditional celebrities.

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Nowadays, social media and influencers have a great relationship and power in improving the business. Influencers can be divided into 3 categories, mega-influencers, macro-influencers, or micro-influencers. These three influencer categories need to be considered and studied well to determine the right influencer category to use influencer marketing.

Please note that a larger number of followers does not necessarily have a strong engagement with followers. Micro-influencers who have lower followers can achieve up to 50% engagement compared to macro-influencers.

Benefits of influencer marketing:

1. Increase brand awareness

2. Reach a more effective target audience

3. Suitable for small and large businesses

4. Build trust with consumers

5. More affordable

The role of influencers in Indonesia has increased and had a major influence on social media specifically Instagram. The emergence of Awkarin, Ria Ricis, Atta Halilintar, Arief Muhammad, etc. are considered capable of making business increasingly popular among the wider community.

The emergence of the names of the big influencers mentioned above led to other influencers from various groups who can be categorized as micro-influencers, macro-influencers, to mega-influencers.

The rise of influencers makes businessmen have to choose appropriate influencers carefully to support their business. Based on data from SociaBuzz, as many as 49.4% of businessmen use agency services to find and work with influencers. With a digital agency, it will be easier to right influencers to promote the business. 

There are various challenges when doing influencer marketing such as price negotiation to content making. However, the biggest challenge is finding a suitable influencer. This was determined based on data from SociaBuzz by 41%.

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