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“Your package has arrived.”

Surely everyone will be happy to hear the sentence above right? Especially if the package is the result of giveaway or known as the items given by the influencer.

In the era of social media, we often hear the word giveaway. Giveaway is the giving of goods or gifts to followers who meet conditional criteria. Usually, a giveaway is done by people who are already popular, such as influencers, celebrities, and other popular people. Giveaway aims to increase Brand Awareness of a product or to build strong relationships between account holders and their fans.

  1. Determine the Goods (Gifts)

The first step is to determine the goods, vouchers or services that will be provided to the followers of followers. Besides that, you can also use other people’s products as a giveaway

  1. Determine the Terms

The second step taken is to provide terms. Terms are used to achieve the ultimate goal. For example, if you want to increase Brand Awareness, make your followers share one of your posts or tag their friends.

  1. Use a hashtag

On platforms like Twitter or Instagram you usually use hashtags. hashtag helps your posts become more accessible to people who don’t follow the account but are looking for an appropriate hashtag.

Happy red-haired girl with a phone and a gift in hands on a white background.

Those are some techniques that you can use if you want to use giveaway to increase Brand Awareness or to build relationships with followers of your account.

Do you want to increase your business or brand awareness? Confused about where to start and determine what is the right giveaway? Through SevenAds, we will help you increase your brand awareness along with trusted and suitable influencers to represent your business.

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