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The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) revealed that internet users in Indonesia currently reach 63 million people. Of that number, 95 percent use the internet to access social media such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

The presence of social media in the current era makes online business opportunities make it a social media platform. if in the past the companies marketed their products or services conventionally, but now many companies use social media for their marketing activities. and the following strategies are considered suitable for marketing products or services in social media using Influencers.

An influencer is someone who has a lot of followers and audiences on their social media. so they are considered to have a strong influence on the audience. What can be called influencers are artists, bloggers, celebrities, YouTube, and so on who have popularity, expertise and reputation.

Tips for Choosing Influencers

  1. Take a look at their followers

The first one is definitely seeing how many people are following the influencer. The more people who follow the influencer, the greater the opportunity to influence people to buy/use services/products.

You also have to pay attention to the followers, if they are genuine followers or a fake one? Because you can easily get followers just by using the services of “buying and selling” followers. When followers of the influencers you have chosen are fictitious followers, of course, it will not affect your marketing strategy.

2. Engagement Rate

A relationship from influencers to followers is also important. How to see the relationship is also very easy. You can see it from the likes and comments in each post. When influencers have more than three million followers but only get less than 50 likes or even 5 comments, then you need to reconsider.

3. Pay Attention to Brand Relevance

How to choose it you can choose influencers who are engaged in the same business or related. So that the target market will also be more targeted and produce a good impact. Before that, you need to see what content they posted last time.

4. Influencer’s Social Media Account

Pay attention to the social media accounts of the influencers you choose. If you tend to choose influencers from Instagram then pay attention to their followers, but if you want to choose Facebook influencers you should see the followers of their Facebook. You also need to create a marketing strategy that is suitable for delivering the right message from each influencer’s social media account. It is intended that the specified target market is reached.

5. Check The Influencer’s Feed
You also need to know what brands have worked with your potential influencer. That way you can make sure there are no competitors from the brand. You also need to pay attention to personal feeds because too many private feeds can be considered spam. So it is important for you to check the history of influencer feeds carefully.

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