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CeraVe reported a 15.4% increase in their sales growth. This growth is mainly derived from the influencer marketing that they deployed. Influencers have their own audiences since they have their own ‘field’ that they are exceptional at. This is why businesses need marketers to select the right influencers for their brands.

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Let’s take a closer look into CeraVe’s influencer marketing. Ever since the Covid-19 striked, people have shifted their perceptions towards skincare and other personal care products. They prefer something natural and fragrance-free. CeraVe’s products fit into this market demand, but the brand was not very well-known back then. 

Suddenly a skincare-enthusiast called Hyram (also known as Skincare by Hyram) started recommending CeraVe to his audiences. At first, Hyram was not endorsed by CeraVe at all. He did it because his audiences seek for affordable skincare products. The outcome of his product recommendation is totally unbelievable, CeraVe products are immediately sold out. Additionally, a video of CeraVe getting restocked is even bombarded by Hyram’s followers and immediately sold out again. After that, the public demanded that CeraVe should partner with Hyram because they feel like Hyram just boosted the brand’s revenue. 

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#AD Skin care dance with @cerave @charlidamelio @dermdoctor & @dermbeautydoc 😎🕺 #Cerave #ShareSkinCare

♬ original sound – Hyram

Now, CeraVe seems to realise the importance of influencer marketing. The brand now has partnered with Hyram and more influencers to promote their products.

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