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In everyday life, specially when doing business, we cannot be separated from negotiations. Negotiation is how both parties can reach an agreement that is a win-win solution. But there are some do’s and don’ts when negotiating. Let’s dive deeper.

Do Prepare

When you want to negotiate, prepare the material you want to convey in advance. Don’t forget to research who the people you are talking to. You can also find out through your relatives if possible.

Do Know Your Bottom Line

Before negotiating, you better determine the standards and what you expect from the results. Set the bottom line will help you know when to move forward and when to withdraw from negotiations.

Do Use a Friendly Approach

It is important to be careful in negotiations. However, you still have to be friendly and smile with the other person you are talking to. Because we never know how little things can lead to smooth negotiations and good results for both parties.

Do Listen to Others

Listening is one of the most important things in negotiating. By listening, you can avoid sentences that can get you caught up in negotiating. Always follow the 80/20 rule: 80% Listen, 20% Talk.

Do Consider All of Your Options

Even though you already have the bottom line, but there’s nothing wrong, you are open to several options. Who knows, that choice is an option or opportunity that never appeared before in your head.

Don’t Get Caught Up in Emotions

When negotiating, it’s best not to get emotional. Because if the negotiation gets carried away with emotions, negotiation will not run smoothly or even not run at all. Be kind, stay calm and patient even if the other person is not.

Don’t Underestimate Your Worth 

One of the biggest mistakes in negotiation is when you underestimate the abilities or capabilities that you have. You have to write your strengths and accomplishment before negotiating and use it as your reference in negotiating.

Don’t Have an “All or Nothing” Attitude

You have to know and remember that in negotiations or business, compromise is an important thing. A good way of negotiating is to focus on developing an agreement that can benefit both parties. If you think one-sidedly, then most likely what will happen is that you don’t get a satisfactory end result. Know which items are important or significant to your position and which points you can concede.

Don’t Gloat After Win

If your negotiation strategy is successful, you still have to act professionally like when you are discussing. Because after all, business changes quickly. The person you gloated in front of yesterday may be the person you’re working with or reporting to tomorrow.

Don’t Underestimate Anyone

Don’t underestimate anyone including yourself. You never know if a person has the strategy, strengths and possibilities that are strong enough. Don’t forget that careful preparation, a strong plan and a good attitude are equally important.

Good negotiation skills comes from good communication skills. It’s better if you learn communication skills first so that you have skills in negotiating.

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