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More businesses are starting to deploy influencer marketing to promote their products or services. An influencer is someone who induces their audiences (commonly labelled as followers) to purchase something from their brand partnerships and endorsements. 

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Businesses commonly categorise influencers based on their social media followers amount and focus on the ones with high number of followers. This is a common misconception in influencer marketing where influencers with lots of followers are deemed to be the key of their marketing solution. Meanwhile, a high amount of followers does not guarantee an excellent engagement rate. For instance, some micro-influencers (influencers with low number of social media followers) may have smaller reach, but higher engagement rate as they interact more with their audiences.

Apart from that, the influencers need to resonate with the company offerings and values. It is important to note that influencers can affect your brand image. For instance, Dior Indonesia partnered with a fashion blogger named Anastasia Siantar (@anazsiantar). Anastasia Siantar is well-known to exhibit high-fashion garments and other luxury items in her social media contents. 

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