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Some businesses are starting to apply chatterbots (commonly known as chatbots) in their business operations to replace human customer service. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots are able to create conversation through voice commands or texts. In addition, chatbots give instant reply to general queries. However, most chatbots do not have the ability to answer complex queries. Therefore, it would be better for businesses to combine both chatbots and human customer service in their operations. 

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Chatbot 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about Chatbots | by Grasia  Hald | BotSupply | Medium
Chatbot Visual Representation

An example of this case would be Optus (Australian telecommunication brand). The brand attached a chatbot that greets the customers that open the chat box in My Optus App. Optus’ chat bot gives prompt responses to basic queries. Then, the chatbot will immediately arrange a call to Optus human customer service to handle complex tasks. This method is very efficient since Optus human customer service has emotions which leads to better understanding of the customer situation. Additionally, human customer service can make the customers feel more personalised. 

Optus Chatbot

Apart from Optus, some institutions like Monash University also enforce chatbots in their administration process. In Monash Connect, a chatbot would appear and display FAQ. For example, if the ‘how to re-enrol’ button is pressed, the chatbot will ask some queries to skim the user category. Furthermore, some answer choices, such as “Yes, I am” and “No, I’m not” are also provided making things more practical. Similar to Optus, the Monash chatbot will direct users to email human customer service for complex queries.

Hence, combining chatbots and human customer service would be a great choice for organisations and enterprises as they are able to generate excellent customer experience. 

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